Jet’s Pizza Super Special

If there were a deity among food it would surely be the almighty Pizza, hallowed by thy name. As is often said of sex, even bad Pizza is almost always better than no Pizza. But that doesn’t stop the neverending quest to experience as much good Pizza as one can in ones lifetime. While I’m sure many of you are Pizza snobs, I am a Pizza slut and will happily ravish anything from a Totinos Party Pizza to the best gourmet that NY, Chicago, etc. have to offer.

For today’s Pizza liason I got stuck working late and decided to order a deep dish Super Special from Jet’s. The word on the street is that they’re a step above some of the other chain Pizza places, also rumored to have the best ranch dressing on the planet. On the topic of ranch some say its sacrilege, but Pizza is a kind and forgiving god, it will not frown upon you for opting to enjoy yours with ranch. However, I ordered a salad and can confirm, their ranch is in fact divine. If you’re gonna dip your slice of Pie in ranch, this is the ranch you want.

I used the online ordering system, because let’s face it, ordering from a human is nowhere near as convenient and prone to error. Plus, you can get crazy with customizations if that’s your thing. Like most of the chain Pizza joints Jet’s has tons of options including various sauces and crust flavors. I added bacon and sausage to mine, and some garlic to the crust. They let you login with Facebook, so no need to create yet another account with another password to forget. They took approximately 50 minutes to cook my food and drive it to the office. Pricing seemed fair, about $25 for a small pizza + salad. I’ll never quite understand why there’s a delivery charge if it doesnt go to the driver, as a former Pizza delivery guy that’s just lame. We risk our lives to bring you delicious food, and the man is pocketing as much as we sometimes get in tips (if we’re lucky enough to be tipped at all). Know this, if you’re a bad tipper we do remember, and nobody wants to deliver to you, your order will get passed by as drivers grab the orders of more deserving patrons. We’ll also let your Pizza sit outside the hot bag, and we may even open the lid to be sure its nice and cold when it arrives. That said, I’ve never ever messed with anyone’s food from a sanitary standpoint, I do hold myself to some sort of ethical standard.

I like salad
This is a salad

So, onto the Pizza itself, it showed up nice and hot. Plenty of cheese, and they didn’t skimp on the toppings. Their deep dish crust has a nice crisp to it, without scratching up your mouth, and the crust has a thin cheesy edge, not too much bread. They’ve reached a nice balance between the sauce, dough, cheese and toppings, which isn’t easy. It wasnt overly greasy or salty, and everything didn’t slip or fall off during consumption. This Pizza definitely gets a 5/5, would eat again and do recommend. The toppings were all a notch above what you’d expect from a chain Pizza place. During my illustirous stint at Dominos I used to read ‘Pizza Today’ during my down time and remember seeing advertisements from topping providers. Jet’s is clearly sourcing their ingredients from a better-than-average supplier. The ham was a little thicker, the sausage wasn’t gristly, and the veggies seemed fresh. Consider me more than somewhat salaciously satisfied with my Pizza communion today.

PS. The salad was good too. The distribution of leaves & miscellaneous vegation was satisfactory and the ranch was delectable.

PSS. Had the rest of the Pizza for lunch, it reheats wonderfully. And if you use a microwave for any longer than 30 seconds (2-stage reheat method) the Pizza gods will nuke you in Pizza hell until you’re disgusting and soggy. Honor thy leftovers with a toaster oven.

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