Flatiron’s Roasted Red Pepper Soup + Burger

In the heart of the East Atlanta Village you will find the Flatiron, with its signature Iron Maiden themed sign, providing one of the best kitchens around town. The purpose of this post is really to share with you the pure magic that is the Roasted Red Pepper Soup. I had mentioned to a member of the staff just how much I loved the soup, so he mentioned it to the kitchen and said they’d make it again soon, just keep an eye on the Facebook Page. So, I dutifully checked the page until my illustrious soup appeared. Then I made a pilgrimage and acquired a fresh bowl, and several to bring home. What you see here is Flatiron Red Pepper Soup, actually a re-heated bowl I made at home, and it was every bit as good as it was fresh.

For the uninitiated, this soup is similar to tomato soup, but mostly only in color. Its typically prepared as a bisque, and the Flatiron has done a great job at replicating this. There are ever-so-tiny bits of red pepper throughout that simply soar with salacious sapidity. They practically melt in your mouth. You can chew a little if you feel the need, or you can sip and let the exquisite puree slide down your throat. Add a little pepper & salt and you’re off to the soup races. This is the holy grail of soup, and I strongly suggest you go out and eat some! If you’re not lucky enough to live in Atlanta, start scouring your local restaurant scene. You’ll see this billed as Red Pepper Bisque, Roasted Red Pepper Soup, etc., and to be perfectly honest you won’t generally see this item at bars & pubs. Its fairly gourmet as far as soups go, expensive and difficult to make properly. It doesdoesn’tp well in a can, so it’s not for sale at the grocery store, as such, many have never experienced the depths of flavor this marvelous soup has to offer.

I should also mention that I ordered a Flatiron Signature Burger with Mushrooms. It was spectacular. They put bacon on it from a local charcuterie (The Spotted Trotter), its also got cheese, onion rings, grilled peppers, and blue cheese crumbles. Theyre basically giving you a monster of a burger for less than it would cost you to assemble it on your own. It’s grilled to order, and I’d pit it against any of the so called best burgers in town. The fries are top notch to boot, and the service is always friendly, throw in $6 pitchers of PBR and you can see why they’re always busy. I’m sure there will be more Flatiron reviews, because I just cant stay away. The soup and the burger both get a 5/5, would eat again. Stay hungry y’all!

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