About Me

My name is Wes. I like to eat. I also like to talk. In an effort to direct my energy in a useful way I am here to eat things and talk (write) about them. My opinions tend to be quite strong and since I’m a sucker for trying new things I often find myself drawn in by new menu items and clever advertising. So, I will be jumping on food grenades as it were and letting the public know what the experience was like. With regard to health (before you send me hate mail), I dont advocate eating fast food, or overly indulgent food (poutine, pizza, pasta, etc.) all the time. You should keep track of your caloric intake, move around as much as possible, and take some basic vitamin supplements. If you’re healthy you’ll be able to enjoy tasty dishes for much longer and you wont feel guilty about it.

If you’d like to offer me food or suggest something to try here is my contact: wes@denofdining.com